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  • Supported Living Apartments

Our homes are registered to provide residential and specialist dementia care for older persons who are:

Elderly Frail (more commonly referred to as Residential Care)

Those whose physical infirmity prevents them from remaining at home and who require 24 hour care


Elderly and Mentally Frail (more commonly referred to as Dementia Care or Mental Health Care)
Those older people with dementia or other specific Mental Health needs.


This can be on a:

  • Day care basis
  • Respite basis – one to four weeks
  • Long term basis – over four weeks

Within these services we aim to deliver continuous care to ensure consistency in the service a person is receiving.

Each resident will have their own allocated Key Worker, who will be your main contact in terms of personal care. Your Key Worker will be a senior care assistant, assigned to oversee your day to day care, ensuring that any other member of staff who supports you is fully aware of your individual preferences, choices, likes, dislikes etc. Your Key Worker ensures continuity in care by gaining an in-depth understanding of you. Through this structure you will be able to develop positive relationships, companionship and consistency in all areas of care and support that you require.

We strive to provide person-centred care, that is centred around the individual, and not just their health needs.

Simply put, we are all individuals, and it is inappropriate to say that because two people have dementia they both require the same care and support. This approach ensures a comprehensive understanding of each individual’s needs and the development of an appropriate individual care plan for each resident.

Each of our residents can be assured of an individualised care and support programme, which is aimed at supporting them to achieve the highest quality of life and independence.